Guest Blogging

Get (FREE) Exposure! 

Everyone benefits from guest blogging.  You get people who want to read your content to actually read your content and I get the privilege of being the host of the content for years to come.

Submit original content (cannot be publish anywhere else online) to be used on my blogs.  

Get promoted when your article is published on Twitter, Facebook and all major search engines.

Get some yummy link juice

"Link juice" as some people call it makes the blogging world go 'round.  The more links you have pointing to a certain piece of content, the more weight that content carries around the web.  

Basic Overview of Rules

All content must be original and cannot be published on any other place on the internet.

Posts cannot contain more than 3 images.  Use images only when necessary - don't stuff your post with images just to make it look bigger. 

Don't create generic posts like "Top 5 Ways to Rank on Google".  We are looking for unique content that draws people's attention and makes them want to continue reading your post.

Posts must be between 500 and 1,000 words.

Posts cannot contain more than 1 link to promote something.  Don't stuff your post with affiliate links to try and make money - it won't get published.  You will have an author section at the bottom of your post where you can link back to your main project or blog home.

You might not get published right away because we do have a backlog of content being scheduled to publish one post per day.  We will contact you via email with a date when your post will be published.

Sample Topics to write about:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media
  • Content optimization
  • Business marketing
  • Your experiences with online marketing success

Not sure what you should write about? Have a question?

Shoot me an email here.