Sunday, December 12, 2010

Welcome to Small Town Marketing

What is Small Town Marketing all about?

The way businesses connect with customers is getting more intimate and personal in the online world on a monthly basis.  We have so many new ways to influence people using the web today.  This blog will help teach the "internet marketing newbie" how to properly implement and track their return on investment within the online marketing world.

Why call it "Small Town" Marketing?

Whether I like it or not, everything I do in life (and love) revolves around this small town I live in.  It's peaceful with no chance of anyone trying to stab you in the back.  I like the online world because I can put something out there for EVERYONE to see and judge.  What they do when they see my content is what I'm concerned with - and you should be too. 

I'm writing these articles for local business owners wanting to take the next step and conquer the web.  I want to assist Paducah and Metropolis businesses to using search engine marketing and optimization to their advantage constantly.  Everything you say and do online contributes to your overall big picture online.  

Bad reviews = more people online know you suck. 
Good reviews = more people trust you enough to make a purchase or continue reading.

How much does search engine marketing cost?

It's Free.  All it takes is undivided time and a little common sense.  Being business owners yourself you should already have the common sense part figured out.  The time aspect can be a burden to the "non-believers" of the impact of the web. 

If you are unsure about spending time (or hiring) someone to do search engine business marketing for you - please read the rest of this blog.  Bookmark it.  Learn to bookmark things in your browser to read at a later time.  

TODAY'S MARKETING TIP:  In another tab, visit and in the search box type the following:

This simple test will reveal all the instances of your domain on other websites.  I will show you how to use this in more detail in the future. 

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